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Rasamani - The Solidified Mercury

A Mercury Ball prepared through the holy art of alchemy practised by Siddhars by separating fluid and air from mercury. The process of preparation is being secretly maintained and preserved by Siddhars. Rasamani is prepared by using hundreds of herbal elements, together with the art and devotion which infuses a life and power into it.

According to the Siddha alchemy, பாதரசம் (mercury) represents the seed of Lord Shiva. The phrase "The one who is blessed with this holy Mercury attains all power to conquer the entire world" holds true for those who have used and it and experienced it. Rasamani is prepared in a shape of a ball and is generally worn around the neck or around our hips. Generally, the Rasamani would be in a size ranging from 1 to 1.5 inch in diameter, weighing between 12gm to 30gm.

Types of Rasamani & its Benefits


Rasamani guides us in attaining glory while performing meditation. It is usual for one being diverted of various thoughts which are the result of karma due to the sins committed in the past life and in current birth. Rasamani helps us to control our thoughts and lets the efforts of meditation attain its desired results.

The power of position & Wealth

Helps to overcome obstacles faced in one's business of career and helps to solve the debt difficulties away and improves the business and tends to provide increased profits out of the investment.


Helps in creating an attraction between husband & wife and society and unify life between them. Removes the egos and misunderstanding between people and enables to consider the enmity between individuals into friendship. Let's one to easily overcome obstacles in life and guides to achieve the goal.


Cures all disease and helps in improving one's health.

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