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Inner Awakening

Siddhar Kagabujandar Dharmalinga Swamigal would like all of mankind to benefit from his knowledge. You may listen to his readings from ancient palm leaf scriptures, listen to his enlightening readings and thus change the course of your future or eradicate your sorrow. Every first Sunday of the English month, from 2pm to 4pm and form 6pm to 7pm he shall answer one question for free. If you wish to hear and elaborate prediction you will have to pay a fee of INR 5000 or USD100.

Ayyaa, Kagabujandar Siddhar Sri Dharmalinga Swamigal has been playing a vital role in the growth of the supreme language Tamil and Hindu religion, using his Tamil literature work as a medium to do so. He has guided his disciples along the true spiritual path for the same reason. He has fashioned over 500 songs that have over the decades, melted listeners’ hearts and heightened them to a state of devotional saturation. He has along with a few gifted musicians composed, sung and released over 100s of songs as CDs. He has thus been a catalyst in the expansion of the common man’s knowledge regarding universal brotherhood, ways of the Siddhars and true devotion. These songs have been about the glories of Lord Shree Vinayga, Lord Shree Muruga, Goddess Shree Ambal, Lord Shiva, Lord shree bhairavar and Great Shiddhars. To the surprise of those who do not know our Guru Dharmalinga Swamigal, he has also composed music to the songs written by the great Sufi Muslim Siddhar Gunangkudi Masthan Sahib and has sung the same.

Vadaloor Vallar Ramalinga Swamigal wrote many songs that are collectively called as Thiruarutpa. Sri Kagabujadar Dharmalinga Swamigal has composed the tune for all songs and released almost 6000 of these songs. Among these, nearly 500 songs have been sung by Him.

Sri Manikkavasagar had given thiruvasagam to the world. In this, Sivapuranam is an important piece of literature for Shivites. Guru Dharmalinga Swamigal has composed,sung and released the same. sung in three different on his own compositions, one of which had been released as a video song with him in the video. He has also sung and released many other songs from Thevaram. He has appeared in Jaya TV many times, as a speaker who, through this programme, provided many KARYA SIDDHI incantations. This meant that there were separate incantations for varying desired results. He had also explained each of these incantations in detail. All these were later released as CD's and DvD's.

Visitors to his ashram have been blessed to hear him sing. We his disciples have felt compelled to experience true devotion and unconditional love for the supreme God under such occasions. 

     Kundru Thorum Kovil          

Thiruvarutpa - Jothi Jothi JothiSri Dharmalinga Swamigal
00:00 / 01:04
Kundru Thorum KovilSri Dharmalinga Swamigal
00:00 / 01:04

Thiruvarutpa - Jothi Jothi Jothi 

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