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What is Yantra

Yantra is a medium to achieve your objectives, ambitions, thoughts and goals easily.

You gain spiritual powers and benefits from your means of meditation and prayers. Yantra is a medium where you store these benefits like a bank where you keep your savings you earned.

Like a car or a cycle, Yantra is a medium which helps you to reach your desired destination & goals.

Yantras can be drawn in different forms such as on metal, herbs/leaves, paper or in liquid.

These Yantras we provide are in metal form. They had been kept in divine poojas, homams & abhisehkams for many years to ensure they have acrrued the required divine powers to benefit you.

To elaborate, of the five panja boothas (Five elements)- air, water & fire are important.

During the yagam (fire ceremony), the mantras are said by mouth (air). The yagam (fire) absorbs these mantras (air) recited. This is then encapsulated in to the holy water inside the yaga kalasam (vessel with holy water kept in front of the yagam) along with the spiritual powers  brought from the space.

The Yantra accrues all the power by means of the abishekam from this blessed holy water from the Yaga Kalasam.(Holly metal pot).

We have been providing such Yantra for more than 35 years to our beloved blessed devotees who had ever since resolved their problems & pains and are living a blessed life by achieving their objectives & goals.

You may approach us for the Yantra to achieve your objective such as Wealth, health, business prosperity, resolve family issues, resolve issues between husband & wife, child birth, excel in education, to overcome legal issues, to get the complete blessings of your desire God & Guru and to attain the peaks of your meditation & prayers. 

I pray to Lord Shiva to bless all of  you to get the appropriate Yantra for your needs.

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  • All yantras are Money back guarantee

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  • This is Chidambara chakra .

  • Very powerful yantra.

  • Money back guarantee yantra.

  • 12 inch *12 inch heavy metal copper yantra.


How mantras originated 


So the whole text is this, Mantra

Mantras are created by siddhas, rishis and sages by repeating a word and giving it power. Meditating using the Mantra protects the doer. 

Mantra is the power of sound. We hear it with our ears as a sound wave with multiple frequencies. Through scientific progress, disease is eliminated with sound, light and radiation waves. It can help split metals and ores that cannot be cut / split easily by any weapon. There are devices available that can completely remove the dirt that cannot be removed even by chemical soaps but with sound waves. Why cannot be use the Sound waves (H.F.), mantras, that work like magic as detailed earlier to remove the dirt from our mind? Why can't the disease be eliminated this way? It's then worth thinking as to why we can't we remove the sins and gain something good from it. 

Mice can hear very (low frequency) sound waves that we can't hear with our ears (for the Mooladhara god, Lord Ganesha, mice is his carriage). Dogs can hear and sense high sound frequency waves that our ears cannot hear. (To Bhairava, the God who is residing in Sakasrahara Shakti and does not allow us death to approach has dog as his carriage).

The true image of the Lord is all encompassing glorious light. And the lord decided to descend for the sake of the devotee. The Siddhars known as Niraimozhi Manthar (all knowledgeable beings) realized this and gave the seed mantras and other potent mantras to the world for it to thrive. How did they do this? Any object makes sound when it moves, for example From the all encompassing light goddess Srisaraswati, the lord of education and knowledge when she changed to take a form produced the sound "AIM".'Sreem' when it transformed to Sri Mahalakshmi. 'Hreem' when turning into Mahakali or Manonmani. The mantras that were thereby realized were finalized and used as per the needs by respective Siddhas and Rishis were chanted on a continuous basis to attain its benefits and shared with everyone. 

How did they discover the sound of the sound wave? The realized siddhas and rishis who attained the state of pure self (physical body) and above it the higher bodies pranavadeham (sound body) gnanadeham (light body) identified such bodies / deham from the almight gracious light with their minds to see and internalize this in themselves. It is from this that there is a proverbial text that what is present in the universe is present inside the body and vice versa.

 When the mind silences and when you reach a state of highest pleasure (bliss) the sound that arises from within is "Hreem" and this is the sound wave that is the highest form of mantra and called the Manonmani Beejam (seed of Manonmani or mind). Similarly the energy / Shakthi or the 5 elements is the mantra “NaMaSiVaYa". 

The world and the power of this world were created by the 5 elements and therefore “NaMaSiVaYa" mantra is the mother of all mantras. 

 Type of mantras Although there are many types of mantras, the most important are 1 Gayatri Mantra, Vitthu (a physically usable Mantra) mantra called Bijatsharam 3. Moola Mantra 4. Maya Mantra 5. Pranab Pratishtai Mantra 6. Prayoga Mantra (Ashta Karma Mantras). 

 Chakra's or Symmetrical divine representations are called Yantra.

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